How To Improve the Order Fulfillment Process of Your Nutraceutical Company

Do you own an eCommerce business that includes quality nutraceutical products? You don’t want hassles when it comes to an effortless transfer of goods and services to your customers. 

Efficient fulfillment optimizes any customer’s experience with your company. Otherwise, you might be losing business, receiving low ratings, or juggling poor inventory management. If your team knew how to improve the order fulfillment process, could your company turn things around on the nutraceuticals front?

Streamline Fulfillment’s full-service team understands that customer opinions begin forming long before they receive your nutraceuticals package. That’s why our experts warehouse your products, send orders promptly, handle packaging, ship, and track everything for you with precision. 

Here are some other do’s and don’ts to better your nutraceutical fulfillment service.

DON’T Lose Touch With Your Nutraceuticals Customers Throughout the Order Process

When your customers decide to order online, they’re committing to you. Are you leaving them in the dark about important information, such as whether the order went through? What’s the order number, and when should they expect delivery?

Knowing how to improve the order fulfillment process starts with helping your customers feel more confident in your services and order processing. Even simple steps like emails or text messages keep people in the loop.

DON’T Forget About Proper Warehousing For Nutraceutical Quality and Longevity

After a customer places their order for nutraceuticals and receives your confirmation email, you might retrieve the order from a stockroom or from an off-site warehouse. Many companies with lots of inventory and high product demand prefer the latter due to the excess space, but the warehouse location should also have your customers’ location in mind for fast deliveries.


Where do most of your customer orders come from? Could you choose a warehouse centrally located around those target areas? 


Is your warehouse’s layout ideal? Does it maximize the available space? The more you pack into every square inch, the less money you’re wasting on unused storage areas.


How can your employees decrease the amounts of time spent in the warehouse? Clearly organizing all items and placing them in proximity to one another is a great start.

DO Keep Your Nutraceutical Inventory Up To Date at All Times

What’s worse than not receiving order confirmations? For most customers, that would be receiving confirmation only to hear their preferred products are out of stock! 

Can your supply chain provide all the nutraceuticals you need to meet demands and increase picking options? Your customer satisfaction ratings depend on it. 

Consider investing in fulfillment software, which allows you to do the following:

  • Visualize your supply chain
  • Optimize its efficiency
  • Examine purchasing patterns to anticipate order surges and so on 

DO Streamline Your Business Fulfillment Processes With Trustworthy Providers!

Just the ordering and shipping aspects of your nutraceuticals business demand a lot of care and consideration for eCommerce fulfillment that provides excellent customer service, including understanding the differences between distribution centers vs fulfillment centers.

Entrust Streamline Fulfillment with your company’s packaging and delivery logistics. It’ll free up your time for other aspects of your business. Call (509) 888-2880 to learn how to improve the order fulfillment process today!

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While Shopify offers an excellent way for small business owners to get into the digital market and expand their networks, focusing on packing and shipping alongside increasing your customer base can be stressful.

Running a business takes a lot of time and money, and whether you want to streamline the process so you can focus on other crucial business components or save a drive to the post office, our team is ready to assist.

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