Custom Kitting

Whether you are in promotional products, ecommerce, or B2B Manufacturing, custom kitting services could be a great asset for your business.

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60% of consumers are more likely to share a picture of a product on social media if it has a gift-like box rather than a traditional brown box. Think back to that time you received a package on your doorstep from amazon. You opened the box to discover it to be ¾ empty and your item floating around like a pool noodle. More than likely you received your item and went about your day. No stopping to take pictures or send messages to your friends about the experience you just had.

Now fast forward to that experience where you go to your doorstep and discover a bright, eye catching box vividly decorated and immediately creating wonder and excitement. Right then you are hooked. Think about yourself opening that box to discover a perfectly decorated inner box, with precisely placed products and a thank you card from the owner of the business letting you know much their business means to them.

That is a lasting and memorable experience. That is an experience worthy of an Instagram story or a group text to your closest friends.

Imagine if that captivating unboxing experience was easier to create that you thought.

Streamline is here to help you create that lasting experience that captivates your customers with our custom kitting services and warehouse fulfillment services. Whether you are in promotional products, ecommerce, or B2B manufacturing custom kitting could be a great asset for your business. From the assembly of your new hire welcome kits to your monthly subscription box, to packaging two parts together creating a bundle, Streamline has you covered. We will schedule a consultation to learn more about your vision and how Streamline can be an extension of your brand. Full color custom box’s, unique fillers, and customizable insert cards will help to create a memorable unboxing experience for your end user.

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Whether you desire to box one item with colored filler or five items in a custom printed box or packaging to create a branded unboxing experience for your customer we have got you covered.