Seamless Magento Fulfillment Service

Your Magento order volumes are growing fast, and while that’s great news, shipping orders yourself is challenging. You may wonder if there’s a Magento fulfillment service that could take the hassle out of your order fulfillment.

Streamline Fulfillment is a perfect solution for you – a Magento fulfillment service tailored to meet your business needs. We are a customer-centric third-party fulfillment and warehousing service for B2B and eCommerce businesses, committed to reliable and streamlined problem-solving for our clients.


We understand that the reputation of an e-commerce business relies mainly on the customer’s online experience – from shopping to the checkout, shipping, and delivery process. With our service, you can relax and focus on growing your business while we handle your order fulfillment process, ensuring complete customer satisfaction.

We have seamlessly expanded our state-of-the-art fulfillment services for Magento Commerce to help streamline your business operations and improve your customer’s buying experience. Our system syncs with your online store, so you can easily stock your products and manage inventory.

With our real-time processing, we can confirm your sales and fulfill orders in no time through one of our trusted shipping partners. We have years of experience storing, sorting, and delivering products of all shapes and sizes for various eCommerce businesses.

Contact us today at (425) 219-1497 to learn more about our Magento fulfillment services. We’re happy to discuss your needs and develop the perfect solution to keep your business running smoothly.

What is magento?

Magento is one of the most popular eCommerce platforms globally. As of June 2021, there were over 250,000 active Magento-powered eCommerce sites, accounting for about 12% of all online stores.

This open-source platform allows entrepreneurs to set up online stores and supplies all the essential features necessary for an eCommerce business, such as handling online purchases, shipping, and returns. Magento gives you control over the content and functionality of your online store. You also get marketing solutions, including search engine optimization (SEO) tools.

Magento gives you all the resources necessary to run your online store successfully. However, it may not be in your best interests to hand the entire order fulfillment process yourself for the following reasons:

  • eCommerce order fulfillment may not be your area of expertise. You already have enough on your shoulders trying to balance your industry, products, employees, and customers. Let specialists like Streamline Fulfillment take care of supply chain logistics. 
  • Trying to handle your Magento order fulfillment yourself is not as cost-efficient as using a third-party fulfillment and warehousing company. When you opt for handling everything in-house, you are solely responsible for all financial burdens. That can get expensive quickly.

Some of the expenses you will have to contend with include:

  • Leasing or purchasing a warehouse to store your inventory
  • Utilities
  • Security
  • OSHA regulations compliance
  • Property maintenance
  • Inventory manager and other staff to stock and pull inventory
  • Maintaining inventory control
  • Packing supplies
  • Shipping costs
  • Customer returns
  • Software contracts

Every one of these will eat into your bottom line. Also, trying to shoulder all these costs may distract you from your core business.

You can avoid these hassles by outsourcing your Magento order fulfillment to Streamline Fulfillment. We process orders as soon as they come. Our robust supply chain management system promptly processes orders, locates the inventory, and ships packages.

3PL for Magento

Open-source e-commerce platforms allow entrepreneurs to build their businesses from the ground up. Magento— also known as Adobe Commerce — includes many tools, like SEO management and marketing, to improve sales on your products. Even with all these benefits, 3PL for Magento can set you up for success more so than if you work alone.

We Handle Shipping and Handling

Once you’ve spent funds creating your product, you have less income to ship your creations to your customers. Magento shipping services require more than putting products in a box with wrapping paper and sending it across the country. You must follow OSHA regulations and FDA food transportation rules if working with consumables, maintain the warehouse’s electricity and plumbing, and more.

Using a 3PL for Magento order fulfillment services can reduce costs by the thousands. Instead of paying for lights, storage security, and other management processes, 3PL integration combines what you need into a single monthly payment. With the help of a third party, you can see immediate changes in your supply chain:

  • Secure warehousing
  • Improve delivery times 
  • Timely package tracking
  • Faster, more consistent returns
  • Streamlined customer service options

How To Connect Magento and Your 3PL

3PLs that adapt well to various e-commerce applications and programs allow you to work quickly and effectively with less hassle. Since Adobe owns the platform, Magento fulfillment integration doesn’t require as much effort as it would with some other platforms. 3PL for Magento can connect through program extensions, application programming interface integration, or custom solutions. 

Program extensions often work the best since they each have the technical connections to integrate into each other quickly. API integration allows different programs to communicate with each other, even without an extension. Custom integration can be time-consuming and often requires detailed coding, but the results help reduce future costs overall.

Benefits Of Using Our Magento Order Fulfillment Service

Many eCommerce businesses that use Magento choose Streamline Fulfillment as their fulfillment provider. Our clients value our commitment to streamlining supply chain logistics, helping companies save time and money while meeting customer expectations

Streamline Fulfillment understands that timely order delivery is among the most significant factors that make customers choose your business over your competitors. So, we strive to provide speedy and accurate Magento shipping fulfillment. With our same-day pick and pack service, you can rest easy knowing your customers will receive their orders in no time. 

Returns management is an integral component of the eCommerce fulfillment process. According to Appriss Inc., customers returned an average of 8.1% of products purchased in 2019. Managing outbound logistics is already challenging, so if customers return one in five products you deliver, it can grow to unmanageable proportions.

However, if you implement proper returns management, you can significantly minimize the business impact of returns. At Streamline Fulfillment, we ensure that we efficiently manage returns to save you money and relieve you of that burden.

Besides enhancing customer satisfaction, a hassle-free returns process will help you manage your inventory better. With our efficient returns management, we will transform your eCommerce store’s returns into a gratifying experience for you and your customers instead of a chore.

Our system can quickly locate replacement products, process return requests, and restock returned items. This helps keep inventory in order and shipped out to new customers as quickly as possible.

Streamline Fulfillment has the necessary resources to ensure uninterrupted Magento fulfillment services. We never experience internet downtime thanks to our reliable backup ISPs. We also have backup power to keep things running even during a significant power outage. 

Plus, with our full-warehouse security systems, you will always know your inventory’s location and can rest assured that your merchandise is safe.

Streamline Fulfillment has years of experience helping various companies manage their inventory. We capitalize on this experience to help you determine appropriate inventory and restocking levels. 

We offer smart inventory management to help you keep your Magento order fulfillment costs at the minimum while maximizing your profits. 

Inventory shrinkage occurs when the number of items in stock is less than what you have on the inventory list. This discrepancy may result from clerical errors, theft from the point of purchase to the point of sale, or products getting damaged or lost during the fulfillment process. 

When you choose Streamline Fulfillment to handle your Magento order fulfillment, you won’t have to worry about incurring inventory shrinkage costs. Our highly trained and experienced staff will handle your items with the utmost care and professionalism, minimizing the risk of loss or damage. 

Mistakes can be costly to your eCommerce business. Besides cutting down on labor, automating your logistics will eliminate the risk of human error. Fewer mistakes translate to fewer returns and more savings on shipping. 

We make this happen with our automated API integration. With our Magento fulfillment services, you don’t need to upload or email orders. Our system syncs with your Magento online store through a third-party API, ensuring a seamless, automated process from your customer’s shopping cart to our fulfillment center. 

We have designed our system to make the Magento order fulfillment process hassle-free and accurate. 

As soon as a customer completes a purchase from your online store, we receive the order. Every order for Magento fulfillment has a timestamp to help us prioritize rapid response. Additionally, the user-friendly dashboard allows you to monitor the fulfillment process in real time, from ordering to packing to shipping and delivery. 

We pride ourselves on our honesty and straightforwardness. By working with us, you and your customers can be confident that our Magento fulfillment services are getting your orders promptly. 

Streamline Fulfillment understands that fulfillment services are hardly a one-size-fits-all solution. When you choose our Magento fulfillment service, we take the time to evaluate and understand your needs. We then tailor our fulfillment solution to fit your business. 

We will take the hassle out of your Magento order fulfillment with a personalized solution and solid strategy to execute it. Contact us today to find out more about how we can help you.

  •   Packing error
  •   Shipment error
  •   Customer order change request
  •   Product return

An agile response to every issue is part of the exemplary customer service you need to build trust with your customers. Tracking and analytics allow you to respond to unforeseen events at any scale and predict problems before they arise.

How Our Magento Fulfillment Service Works

When you decide to work with Streamline Fulfillment as your Magento fulfillment provider, you get access to our robust cloud-based software. This system has pre-built Magento 1 and Magento 2 fulfillment extensions, making order fulfillment simple, fast, and accurate. 

Set Up the Magento Fulfillment Extension in a Few Simple Steps

Once you’ve accessed our system, you only need to copy and paste your Magento URL and API key. You can expect to have everything up and running in 24 hours. 

Our software lets you integrate several Magento online stores simultaneously, ensuring hassle-free multi-channel order fulfillment. 

Relax and Let Us Handle Your Magento Order Fulfillment 

We get orders from your online store via the Magento API as customers place them. Our team picks and packs the orders in one of our numerous fulfillment centers across the United States. We dispatch over 90% of our orders the same day to our shipping partners, with a 99.9% order accuracy rate.

Schedule Your Consultation And Start Getting Back Your Time

Are you ready to streamline your Magento fulfillment process and take your eCommerce business to the next level? Streamline Fulfillment is here to help you reach your goals. 

To learn more about our Magento fulfillment and warehouse services, contact us at (425) 219-1497 or by email at We would be glad to discuss how outsourcing your Magento fulfillment can help grow your business.

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