Storage For Your Goods

Imagine if you could customize your freight forwarding solution to reduce inventory loss

Streamline Fulfillment operates a state-of-the-art technology driven warehouse providing storage and fulfillment for small businesses

We are based in Wenatchee, WA. With 24-hour security and the ability to offer climate controlled temperatures we can adapt to your needs with our warehousing service. Dock and ground level receiving coupled with real time inventory makes Streamline the premier storage solution for your goods. Strict inventory management protocols eliminate unnecessary handling. Operating with the fewest touches possible reduces the opportunity for package ware or damage to occur. Our small footprint business model provides us with the same intimate relationship that our clients share with their products. Streamline will always be the warehousing service partner our client’s trust. 

Technology Driven means our clients have full visualization into the life cycle of their inventory, from the time it is received to shipping out.

Through our customer portal you will know exactly where your inventory is at in real time. From shelved goods, items currently in the fulfillment process and items in transit. We believe in transparency; this is a transparent process. Time and time again we hear businesses complain about the inventory loss they are experiencing with other warehousing service providers. Inventory loss is unacceptable to the team at Streamline. 

Ask us how we get inventory loss to 0. That’s right, 0.

How many times have you called your warehousing service provider’s customer service line only to get a long dial by name directory? There is nothing more frustrating than when problems arise and not being able to get answers or resolutions quickly. At Streamline we do not believe in phone trees, there are no dial by name directories, our customers have a direct line of communication to our warehouse manager. Are we 100% perfect? No, no one is but we are pretty darn close. Streamline’s commitment to customer service is second to none. If a problem arises there is fast, transparent communication coupled with action to resolve the issue

Lets get your Inventory Loss to 0%

Dock and ground level receiving coupled with real time inventory makes Streamline the premier storage and fulfillment solution for small businesses.