How To Reduce Shipping Costs for Your Supplement Business

Vitamins and dietary supplements are crucial for keeping millions of people healthy. If you operate an e-commerce site offering these products, you’ll likely face high shipping costs without the help of a third-party supplement fulfillment service. Learn how to reduce shipping costs so your business can thrive and profit. 

This guide explains why supplement shipping gets so expensive, along with simple solutions to save on shipping costs. 

The Rising Cost of Shipping Dietary Supplements

You operate a popular e-commerce site offering everything from daily multivitamins to supplements like vitamin D or fiber capsules. Consumers flock to your site to order these products, and because of the impact supplements have on one’s health, they choose an expedited option instead of standard shipping. This increases the total cost of delivering the product, along with a few common mistakes that retailers make, such as:

  • Failing to update packaging materials
  • Not negotiating with carriers
  • Doing all fulfillment operations in-house

Follow the tips below to save money, provide faster shipping, and make your customers happy

Use the Right Type of Packaging

If you’re wondering how to reduce shipping costs, examine the type of packaging your products use. Vitamins and supplements in glass containers will cost more than plastic bottles and require protective packing material like bubble wrap. Cutting down the final product weight will help you save on shipping. 

Negotiate With Shipping Carriers

Reach out to your shipping carrier and see whether you can receive a lower rate. Many carriers are happy to compromise and provide businesses with deals that meet their needs. An example might be negotiating a lower rate for the high volume of products and business you provide a carrier. 

Take Advantage of Flat-Rate Shipping

As the name implies, flat-rate shipping allows you to ship packages of all shapes and sizes at a fixed price. If you ship a lot of bulk products, it’s wise to utilize flat-rate shipping instead of paying extra based on the weight of a package and the distance it needs to travel. Most carriers provide the materials for flat-rate shipping at no extra cost so that you can save even more. 

Outsource Work to a Fulfillment and Shipping Center

If your business ships packages in-house, consider outsourcing them to a dedicated fulfillment center. These facilities handle all order logistics, including inventory and delivery routes. They streamline the process and help businesses save on everything from shipping costs to delivery fuel surcharges.

Let Streamline Fulfillment Enhance Your Shipping Operations

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Schedule Your Consultation Today to Save Time and Money

While Shopify offers an excellent way for small business owners to get into the digital market and expand their networks, focusing on packing and shipping alongside increasing your customer base can be stressful.

Running a business takes a lot of time and money, and whether you want to streamline the process so you can focus on other crucial business components or save a drive to the post office, our team is ready to assist.

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