3 Reasons to Outsource Fulfillment for Your Cosmetic Products

You work hard to ensure your cosmetic products are as good as you imagined, from having the perfect shade to picturesque packaging. From start to finish, you implement your preferences into each new and long-standing creation, giving your cosmetics and brand a unique touch. However, when your responsibilities to your cosmetics fulfillment service become overbearing, try to outsource fulfillment. 

At Streamline Fulfillment, our specialized third-party servicing team provides B2B and eCommerce businesses with warehousing and fulfillment solutions. That way, we can handle storing, packaging, and shipping items while you focus on branding, advertising, and other factors. Below, we’ll explain our top three reasons why outsourcing is key and how it can revolutionize your small or large company.

1. The Right Handling and Storage

The last thing you want is to work diligently at creating high-end cosmetics just to trash them because they’re no longer safe. Not only does this increase manufacturing costs and waste time, but it also reduces revenue. Therefore, you need a team with experience storing and maintaining cosmetics and other skincare to increase their shelf life and reduce waste.

Inventory storage should have unique settings for different products, such as a controlled climate and low humidity levels, to keep the items fresh for cost savings. Most also need storing away from direct light and heat, while others have ingredients that stop working in freezing climates. A team with knowledge of this also knows to safeguard delicate packaging to prevent damage. 

2. Better Inventory Management

Third-party fulfillment companies understand managing inventory is key to customer satisfaction and business growth since you need enough items to meet high demands. By using inventory management systems, these outsource fulfillment companies track stock levels in real time to find what’s selling and what isn’t. That way, you don’t buy more of what you don’t need (which could cause you to lose funds) but stock up on what you do need (so you won’t lose sales or revenue on a hot cosmetics product). Regular analytics and reports also help with packaging and order picking, among other things.

3. Preferred Shipping Costs, Speeds, and Information

Another way to grow your business is with the right shipping options. These fulfillment centers exist across the states and overseas, so once you find your target audience and geographical areas, set up outsourced order fulfillment at a location nearest them. That lowers shipping costs by about 25% since buyers are closer and increases shipping speeds to keep your customers happy

Customers also like order transparency, which includes receiving the following:

  • Order and shipment confirmations
  • Shipment and tracking updates
  • “Order delivered” emails

So, whether you choose direct shipping or cross-docking straight from the manufacturer, trust fulfillment centers to keep customers accurately updated on their shipped cosmetics.

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